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  • Doctor of Philosophy in Applied Technology & Performance Improvement

    The Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree is offered to prepare students for careers as scholars/researchers.The Ph.D. degree program in ATPI is designed for individuals who are seeking a doctoral program that focuses on corporate training, performance improvement, and private consulting. It is a research-oriented degree with an emphasis on university-level teaching and research or corporate training and development. Students who earn this degree are eligible for career opportunities in the corporate sector as well as in higher education.

    Exemplar applicants who are admitted into the doctoral program may qualify for a department stipend and out-of-state tuition waiver. Full-time students taking 9 hours or more of coursework or 3 hours of dissertation will be given teaching priority for up to two classes in the department’s BAAS undergraduate program for a period of 4 years. Part-time students taking 6 hours or more of coursework or 3 hours of dissertation will be given t teaching priority for up to one class in the department’s BAAS undergraduate program for a period of 4 years.

    Doctor of Philosophy in Learning Technologies (UNT and Distance Delivered)

    The Ph.D. in Learning Technologies is available for residential study for students who can attend the UNT campus and via an online distance-delivered format for those who, due to distance or reason, cannot attend the UNT campus.

    The doctorate in Learning Technologies focuses on defining, understanding, and expanding the synergy of technology and learning/instructional systems theory. The core of the Ph.D. program is the application of technologies within the learning process. Towards this end, a successful doctoral candidate demonstrates proficiency in skills and knowledge that allows the individual, upon graduation, to become a contributing scholar/practitioner in the field. Graduates work as faculty, instructors, teachers, instructional designers, directors of distance education, technology coordinators, trainers, and other professionals in the instructional, educational, and learning technology fields both in educational and corporate settings. The program has a focus on academic research and writing, which has resulted in a majority of graduating doctoral students holding positions at universities.

    Doctor of Philosophy in Interdisciplinary Information Sciences

    The College of Information is also home to the UNT Interdisciplinary Information Science PhD Program. This program responds to (a) the varied and changing needs of the information age, and (b) the increasing recognition of the central role of information and information technologies in individual, social, economic and cultural affairs. For additional information about this program go to