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    Dr. Jeff M. Allen Jeff M. Allen
    Professor Interim Department Chair and Director, Center for Knowledge Solutions Ph.D., Penn State University Office: UNT Discovery Park, G172b Email: Websites: Information:
    Dr. Demetria Ennis-Cole Demetria Ennis-Cole
    Associate Professor Ph.D., Kansas State University Office: G183 Phone: (940) 565-3536 Email: Websites: Information:
    Dr. Greg Jones Greg Jones
    Associate Professor Program Coordinator CECS Ph.D., The University of Texas at Austin (2001) Office: G157 Phone: (940) 565-2571 Email: Websites: Information:
    Dr. Gerald A. Knezek Gerald A. Knezek
    Regents Professor Director, The Institute for the Integration of Technology and Learning Ph.D., University of Hawaii (1978) Office: G193D Phone: (940) 565-4195 Email: Websites: Information:
    Dr. Lin Lin Lin Lin
    Associate Professor Ed.D., Columbia University Office: G189 Phone: (940) 369-7572 Email: Websites: Information:
    Dr. Cathleen Norris Cathleen Norris
    Regents Professor Ph.D., University of North Texas Office: G191 Phone: (940) 565-4189 Email: Information:
    Dr. James L. Poirot James L. Poirot
    Regents Professor Executive Director, Texas Center for Educational Technology Ph.D., Texas Tech University Office: G195A Phone: (940) 565-2824 Email: Websites: Information:
    Dr. Ji Hoon Song Ji Hoon  Song
    Assistant Professor Ph.D., The Pennsylvania State University, University Park Office: DP G183 Phone: (940) 369-5369 Email: Websites: Information:
    Dr. Michael Spector Michael Spector
    Professor Professor Ph.D., The University of Texas at Austin (1978) Office: G182 Phone: (940) 369-5070 Email: Websites: Information:
    Dr. Tandra Tyler-Wood Tandra Tyler-Wood
    Professor Ph.D., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Office: G155 Phone: (940) 565-2959 Email: Information:
    Dr. Scott Warren Scott Warren
    Associate Professor Ph.D., Indiana University (2006) Office: G187 Phone: (940) 369-7489 Email: Websites: Information:
    Dr. Jerry L. Wircenski Jerry L. Wircenski
    Regents Professor Ph.D., Ohio State University (1972) Office: G178D Phone: (940) 565-2714 Email: Information:
    Dr. Michelle Wircenski Michelle Wircenski
    Professor Ed.D., University of Buffalo (1978) Office: G178C Phone: (940) 565-3567 Email: Information:


    Jonathan Gratch Jonathan Gratch
    Laura Pasquini Laura Pasquini
    Phone: (940) 268-5920 Email: Websites: Information:
    Peggy Rouh Peggy Rouh
    Robert Wright Robert Wright
    Phone: (817) 975-8046 Email: Websites:


    Matthias Akinwale Matthias Akinwale
    Student Worker Student Academic Assistant Office: G150 Phone: (940) 565-2057 Email:
    Spencer M. Austin Spencer M. Austin
    Student Worker Senior Student Academic Assistant Office: DP G150 Phone: (940) 565-2057 Email:
    Dr. Lynne Cox Lynne Cox
    Staff Coordinator, Accelerated Online Program Ph.D., University of North Texas Office: G159 Phone: (940) 565-4841 Email:
    Rebecca How Rebecca How
    Staff Project/Program Specialist Office: G173 Phone: (940) 565-2957 Email:
    Anh Huynh Anh Huynh
    Student Worker Student Academic Assistant Office: G150 Phone: (940) 565-2057 Email:
    Courtney Medvedev Courtney Medvedev
    Student Worker Student Academic Assistant Office: G150 Phone: (940) 565-2057 Email:
    Alana Phillips Alana Phillips
    Staff Student Services Specialist Office: DP G163 Phone: (940) 565-4470 Email:
    Vincent Santa Maria Vincent Santa Maria
    Staff Research & Instructional Systems Administrator Office: G152A Phone: (940) 565-3634 Email:
    Cindy Trussell Cindy Trussell
    Staff Administrative Coordinator Office: G153 Phone: (940) 565-4070 Email: