How do I know who is on my committee? How can I contact them?

You can obtain a list of your committee members by emailing LT-PHD@unt.edu

I’m an international student. What are my program options?

Email LT-PHD@unt.edu for more information about program options for international students or visit the international office’s website at https://international.unt.edu/

How can I apply for a position as a Teaching Assistant or Research Assistant within the department?

Click on our webpage about Graduate Assitantships to get additional information.

How do I protest my grade?

Students are responsible for meeting the standards of academic performance established for each course in which they are enrolled as well as requirements for completion of their academic programs. Faculty members are responsible for establishing standards of academic performance and for evaluating student performance in an equitable manner. Faculty decisions in such matters are considered authoritative and can be overturned only when it has been determined that a grade was assigned in an inequitable, arbitrary, or erroneous manner. This policy outlines the grounds for a student grade appeal and the process by which it must be carried out. Click here to view the full grade appeal policy.

What steps do I take to defend my dissertation?

Contact your major professor for more information on defending your dissertation, as it is unique to each individual professor. 

I need an advising code to take one of my classes.

Students can obtain codes through the Advising Office for Undergraduate students, LT-MS-Students@unt.edu for Masters, and LT-PHD@unt.edu for Doctoral students. You can contact the UNT College of Information Advising office at ci-advising@unt.edu or (940)565-2445.