Janetta Robins Boone

Janetta Robins Boone Headshot Photo
Research Interests: 

Innovative training methods/strategies for deep space exploration, heuristics, high-stakes AR situational awareness training, adult remote workplace learning

Publication Citations: 

Robins Boone, J. Interactive Video Training and Heuristic Elemental Video Training: Parallel Efficacies for Astronaut Performance Standards? EDULearn 2021

Robins Boone, J., Das, A. (Submitted). Interdisciplinary Team Science in the Remote Workplace: A Scoping Review EdMedia 2021

Das, A., Robins Boone, J., Das, A. (Submitted). Effects of VR on Student Learning: A Scoping Review EdMedia 2021

Goldstein, S., Robins Boone, J. & Norris, C. (Submitted). Peer Assessment in MOOCs: A Systematic Literature Review Springer


Williams, K, Bradshaw-Ward, D. & Boone, J. UX+LX Research: Incorporating Participatory Design into Learner Dashboards (presentation). The Learning Ideas Conference 2021


Member of Association for Education Communication Technology

Member of Texas Computer Education Association

Academic Committee: 
Dr. Kinshuk, Dr. Norris, Dr. Edyburn