LT Master's New Student Information Guide

Welcome to the University of North Texas Master’s Program in Learning Technologies

Now that you are accepted, there are some things you need to do now and some others as you prepare to take courses and to be aware of throughout the program.

  • Office 365 is available to you as a student
    • As a student at UNT, you have access to both the downloadable and online versions of Office 365. These are accessible through once you have your email set up in the system.
      • Access to Office 365 ends once you complete your time at UNT.
  • Degree Plan
  • Deciding on courses and registration
    • Follow your degree plan and take courses when they are offered.
    • It is advised that you take the core courses first with LTEC 5030, 5300, 5220, 5210, and 5610 preferred early in coursework because other curriculum relies on the concepts you will learn in those courses.
    • Information about registration may be found at If you have registration issues, contact the Registrar's Information Counter by calling 940-565-2111 or visiting Eagle Student Services Center (ESSC) Room 147.
    • Any problems that cannot be resolved that the Registrar says are department issues should be referred to for advising.
  • What to expect at the beginning of the semester
    • Your instructors are likely to email you just before the beginning of the semester or on the first day of classes.
    • This email will come from the instructor’s primary e-mail address, so contact them there with further questions once you have explored the syllabus or course content in Canvas, which is our learning management system (LMS).
  • Canvas
    • Instructure’s Canvas is the official learning management system (LMS), however it may not be the only one you encounter in Learning Technologies. Because part of our purview as a department is learning about, using, and studying a variety learning management systems, you may have courses in different systems ranging from Moodle to Schoology over the course of your time in the program.
    • The link for you to access Canvas is and your courses should automatically populate as your instructors make them active. You will login with your EUID and password.
    • Coursework will often be submitted through Canvas, though some instructors will ask you to send by email or through another system.
    • There is a Guide and Help built into the left-hand menu within Canvas for everyday questions. If you need additional help, first email UNT’s Center for Learning, Experimentation, Application, and Research (CLEAR) at or call 940-565-2708. If you are still stuck, contact your instructor.
  • Advising during the semester
    • If you have questions about your degree plan, courses are cancelled and you need to substitute for a semester, issues the Registrar cannot address, or other major challenges that require advising, please contact to ask for help or to make an appointment for a meeting.
      • Always contact your instructor and try to resolve course issues with them first.
      • LT Advisors and Administrators cannot address course content or requirements.
      • If you require an Incomplete due to medical or other serious issues, always start with your instructor who should request it. You will need to fill out a form and have it signed by the appropriate parties.
      • Full Withdrawal (W) from courses and the university requires elevated advising with the Coordinator. Email Dr. Kaplan-Rakowski at to request an appointment.
  • Graduation
    • If you are about to Graduate you need to apply and meet specific deadlines.
    • Master’s students have a Commencement ceremony with the Doctoral graduates that is separate from that of undergraduates.
    • Updated information about Commencement that may be specific to the College of Information may be found here: