Research Centers

The Texas Center for Educational Technology was founded in 1989. Legislatively funded for three years, TCET came to UNT as a result of a competitive grant award, winning over proposals from Texas A&M, UT-Austin, Texas Tech, and others. Since its inception, TCET has been the most successfully funded center at UNT. The Texas Center for Educational Technology facilitates and conducts research; develops and evaluates collaborations between industry, education, and educational communities; and serves as a focal point within the State of Texas and beyond in order that instructional technology can be created and adapted for integration into the educational programs of our state and nation.

The Institute for the Integration of Technology into Teaching and Learning was founded in 1999 to promote the infusion of information technologies into daily teaching/learning practices. IITTL compliments TCET by working at the classroom technology integration level. It has generated numerous national and international papers and has also been highly successful in obtaining grants.