Instructional Design & Technology Graduate Academic Certificate

The Instructional Design & Technology Graduate Academic Certificate (GAC) prepares individuals to work as instructional designers and technologists in either educational or corporate settings. The individuals will analyze, design, develop, implement, and evaluate instruction with the goal of it being effective, efficient, and engaging. The courses provide a theoretical foundation and provide opportunities to apply knowledge in project-based, hands-on learning experiences using technology. Apply Today!

Courses for the Instructional Design & Technology GAC will be offered 100% online. Students will take three required courses and one elective for a total of four courses (12 credit hours).

The Instructional Design & Technology GAC is intended for Educational Technology Professionals, and others in related fields who already have a bachelor's or master's degree, and want to develop or enhance their knowledge and skills in instructional design and technology by taking graduate-level courses to receive an academic credential. 
All 12 hours of coursework taken for this Academic Certificate can be applied toward the Master of Science in Learning Technologies in the Department of Learning Technologies. 

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Required Courses - Students will complete the following courses:

LTEC 5210 - Instructional Systems Design I. The design of instructional systems is examined through research reports on the theoretical assumptions of learning and analysis of learning systems as they apply to the development of educational and instructional training programs.

LTEC 5220 - Multimedia in Technology Applications. Study and analysis of the use of the computer to deliver instruction. Topics include design, development and review techniques for computer assisted instruction, current trends in technology and lesson development with an authoring language.
LTEC 5310 - Human-Computer Interaction. Study of the human as an information processor. Computer interface design that takes into consideration human capabilities and limitations. Educational implications of system input/output facilities. Impact upon instructional system design.

Elective Courses - Students will take one (1) course from the following list:

LTEC 5510 - Technology-Based Learning Environments. Focuses on the process of design, implementation and evaluation of the content and context of teaching and learning in technology-based learning environments. Covers an array of technology-based learning environments that may include web-based learning management systems, 3D immersive environments and others.

LTEC 5200 - New Technologies of Instruction. Selection, utilization and evaluation of media technology, and techniques used in the instructional programs of education and industry. Includes hands-on digital audio and visual processes.

LTEC 5211 - Instructional Systems Design II. Advanced study and application of instructional design principles and models for real world settings. Covers the development of instruction ranging from face-to-face training to digital and online learning technology systems. Builds upon theory and research studied in Instructional Systems Design. Also covered is group management of instructional design processes. Prerequisite: LTEC 5210.

LTEC 5260 - Computer Graphics for Mediated Communications. Application of computer graphics to the preparation and presentation of mediated materials. Includes principles of graphics communication, concepts in computer graphics, graphics input systems, graphics manipulation software and graphics output systems.


Some courses listed may have prerequisites. Students should consult with the program advisors prior to enrolling in the individual courses.

Once You Are Admitted

Once admitted, you will be assigned an advisor who will assist you in getting enrolled for classes and beginning the Graduate Academic Certificate Program.

Note: If you are a current student in the Department of Learning Technologies and you are applying for a GAC, please complete the Application for Concurrent Graduate Academic Certificate Programs  (EUID and UNT password login required) so that your academic certificate program will show up on your transcript. If you do not complete the form before your graduating semester, the Toulouse Graduate School will not accept your request for the certificate.

Academic Certificate Completion Form and Request to Receive Your Certificate

Once you complete your course work, please submit the Request for Graduate Academic Certificate of Completion form to receive your certificate.


Ready to Apply? 

Students will be admitted to the Instructional Design & Technology GAC beginning Fall 2022.

  • Students are admitted following the holistic review of the applications, and successful applicants will have demonstrated competence through a combination of prior training, coursework and/or relevant work experience.
  • Applicants must be admitted into the University of North Texas Toulouse Graduate School and are required to submit the following application materials:
  • Applicants should also complete the Department of Learning Technologies GAC Application Form and attach a current resume to the application.

Students who are awarded Instructional Design & Technology GAC and later apply for admission to the M.S. in Learning Technologies program will be required to submit the additional materials needed for admission to the M.S. program.


Contact Information

Dr. Regina Kaplan-Rakowski
Program Director 

Rachel Hall
Assistant Director, Academic Advising

Dr. Yunjo An
Department Chair