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Team Science (TSci) is a multidisciplinary field that concentrates on the interpersonal, intrapersonal, organizational, physical, environmental, technological, societal, and political contextual factors in the workplace. Team Science touches on the collaborative functioning of teams and small groups in the workplace, often involving cross-disciplinary and cross-functional groups. Team Science research studies the antecedent conditions, collaborative processes, and outcomes associated with teams and small groups. Topics studied within the field of TSci include: group dynamics, team processes, leadership, team leadership, team training, team evaluation, team cognition, intergroup conflict, change theory, complexity leadership theory, decision-making/problem-solving skills, and systems thinking. Also, there is a large variety of technologies used to support teams and small groups in the workplace. This webpage will try to highlight current research relating to TSci as it relates to workplace issues.


Team Science (TSci) focuses on team science issues in the workplace, utilizing evidence-based research to help organizations better deal with complex problems and human resources while operating in interdisciplinary, cross-cultural, and global environments.

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