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Doctor of Philosophy in Learning Technologies (On-Campus and Online)

The Ph.D. in Learning Technologies is available for residential study for students who can attend the UNT campus and via an online distance-delivered format for those who, due to distance or reason, cannot attend the UNT campus.

The doctorate in Learning Technologies focuses on defining, understanding, and expanding the synergy of technology and learning/instructional systems theory. The core of the Ph.D. program is the application of technologies within the learning process. Towards this end, a successful doctoral candidate demonstrates proficiency in skills and knowledge that allows the individual, upon graduation, to become a contributing scholar/practitioner in the field. Graduates work as faculty, instructors, teachers, instructional designers, directors of distance education, technology coordinators, trainers, and other professionals in the instructional, educational, and learning technology fields both in educational and corporate settings. The program has a focus on academic research and writing, which has resulted in a majority of graduating doctoral students holding positions at universities.


  • Convenient. Earn a Ph.D. online!

  • Affordable. A 3-hour course is affordable for most Texas Residents. Specific financial aid information can be found at

  • Flexible. Log in any time and from any place. Online courses allow you to set your own schedule.

  • Adaptable. Working full time? Online courses make the most of your valuable time.

  • Respected. Research is an important aspect of the Learning Technologies Department. Research projects increase the knowledge within our field while allowing graduate students to be actively involved in projects that enhance their educational experience.

Marketable Skills


  • Synthesize Knowledge: The graduate will read and synthesize the literature related to their specific discipline, describe fundamental theories of human learning and the role of technology, and apply knowledge of human learning and technology to the solution of practical problems in their discipline.

  • Create Knowledge: The graduate will describe common research methods in their discipline, read and evaluate educational research, and apply research findings to the solution of practical problems in their discipline.

  • Communicate Knowledge: The graduate will communicate effectively in oral and written formats including the ability to communicate content from their discipline through the design and delivery of effective teaching/learning activities that integrate content and pedagogy, adapt instruction and support services to the needs of diverse learners, and assess appropriately learning outcomes.
  • Think Critically and Reflectively: The graduate will develop a personal vision of inclusive educational practice, identify the relationship of their discipline to the broader field of education, and critically evaluate theory and practice.
  • Engage in Professional Development: The graduate will demonstrate the disposition for life-long learning and continuous professional development.
  • Participate Actively in Their Profession: The graduate will identify communities of practice within their discipline and participate within these communities.

The Ph.D. in Learning Technologies is available in two formats.

  • Residential format is for students who can attend classes on the UNT campus.
  • Online distance-delivered format is for students who cannot attend the UNT campus. 

The distance delivered Ph.D. in Learning Technologies is a blended offering with students taking online courses throughout the year and attending a yearly face-to-face meeting during the fall. This program is available to students living outside the North Texas area or those students unable to attend the residency offerings. Students within driving distance of UNT should investigate the residency program.

Admission Process

Effective immediately, the Department of Learning Technologies will admit new doctoral students into cohort programs that start every fall, regardless of format.

Application Steps (see Application Checklist for additional information):

  1. Apply through to start the application process.
  2. Submit all transcripts and your GRE score to the UNT Toulouse Graduate School.
  3. Submit all supplemental materials to the Department of Learning Technologies

Important Deadlines

Fall Deadline: Apply by March 10th

New cohorts for both program formats start every fall semester.

Your application materials must be received by the deadline above to be considered complete. Space is limited, so you are encouraged to apply early.  

International Students

International students should contact and UNT International concerning dates specific to admissions. 

Ph.D. Application Checklist

Download the Ph.D. Application Checklist

Course Offerings


Residential courses are provided on a two-year course rotation with the exception of the research courses (e.g. 6510, 6511, 6512, and 6514), which are offered yearly. Courses are offered as supported by enrollments and may change as determined by the program.



Distributed courses are offered in a specific sequence of course and events for each cohort. Courses are offered as supported by enrollments and may change as determined by the program.

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