Faculty and Staff

LT Doctoral Program Faculty and Lecturers

Name Position Email
Yunjo An Associate Professor and Chair Yunjo.An@unt.edu 
Rose Baker Associate Professor / Director of BAS Program Rose.Baker@unt.edu
Rhonda Christensen Research Professor / Co-Director of IITTL Rhonda.Christensen@unt.edu
Deborah Cockerham Lecturer Deborah.Cockerham@unt.edu
Aleshia Hayes Assistant Professor Aleshia.Hayes@unt.edu
Tai-Yi (Fischer) Huang Lecturer Tai-Yi.Huang@unt.edu
Karen R. Johnson Associate Professor Karen.Johnson@unt.edu
Regina Kaplan-Rakowski Lecturer / Director of MS Program Regina.Kaplanrakowski@unt.edu
Kinshuk Professor / Dean, College of Information Kinshuk@unt.edu
Gerald Knezek Regents Professor / Co-Director of IITTL Gerald.Knezek@unt.edu
Youngjin Lee Associate Professor Youngjin.Lee@unt.edu
Lin Lin Professor / Director of Texas Center for Educational Technology Lin.Lin@unt.edu
Timothy (Fred) McMahan Assistant Professor Timothy.McMahan@unt.edu
Cathleen Norris Regents Professor Cathleen.Norris@unt.edu
Thomas Parsons Professor / Director of Computational Neuropsychology and Simulation (CNS) Laboratory Thomas.Parsons@unt.edu
Michael Spector Professor/ Director of Ph.D. Program Mike.Spector@unt.edu
John Turner Associate Professor John.Turner@unt.edu
Scott J. Warren Professor Scott.Warren@unt.edu
Tandra Tyler-Wood Professor Tandra.Tyler-Wood@unt.edu

LT Doctoral AGF (PhD Mentors)

Name Email
Lemoyne Dunn Lemoyne.Dunn@unt.edu
Dave Edyburn Dave.Edyburn@unt.edu
Bill Elieson Bill.Elieson@unt.edu
Rob Foshay Wellesley.Foshay@unt.edu
Jim Poirot Jim.Poirot@unt.edu
Wilhelmina Savenye Wilhelmina.Savenye@unt.edu
Robert Wright Robert.Wright@unt.edu


Lily Sloan Sr. Administrative Specialist Lily.Sloan@unt.edu
Tiadosha Thomas
Administrative Coordinator


Name Position Email
J. Michael Spector PhD Program Coordinator  LT-PhD@unt.edu
Rachel Hall COI Advising LT-MS-Advising@unt.edu

Grant Administration

Name Position Email
Frederick Hobbs Program Project Coordinator Frederick.Hobbs@unt.edu
Jenna Kelley Program Project Specialist Jenna.Kelley@unt.edu


Updated: 5/11/2022