Karen R. Johnson

Assistant Professor


PhD, University of Minnesota, 2011.

  • Major: Work and Human Resource Education

Degree Specialization: Human Resource Development

  • Dissertation Title: Relationships between Organizational Service Orientation, Customer Service Training, and Employee Engagement

MA, University of Minnesota, 2007.

  • Major: Human Resource Development
  • Dissertation Title: The Role of Tourism in National Human Resource Development

BA, University of the West Indies, 1999.

  • Major: Psychology

Research Interests

Dr. Johnson's research is situated within three interrelated areas of inquiry: 1) training, learning, and performance, 2) workforce development, and 3) human resource development in the service economy, with specific attention on the tourism and hospitality industry. Across these areas, she brings an unwavering commitment to international and global perspectives, and equity and diversity, specifically advocacy for underrepresented populations often excluded from opportunity in the workplace. Her scholarship intersects both business and industry contexts as well as academic settings. In her most recent research, she investigates dynamic organization development interventions that aid the transition, retention, and work outcomes of individuals with autism to the workforce .

Selected Journal Publications

Johnson, K. R., & Park, S. (In Press). Mindfulness training for tourism and hospitality frontline employees. Industrial and Commercial Training. 

Johnson, K. R., Ennis-Cole, D., & Bonhamgregory, M. (In Press). Workplace success strategies for employees with Autism Spectrum Disorder: A new frontier for human resource development. Human Resource Development Review. doi.org/10.1177/1534484320905910 

Johnson, K. R., Park, S., & Chaudhuri, S. (In Press). Mindfulness training in the workplace: Exploring its scope and outcomes. European Journal of Training and Development. doi 10.1108/EJTD-09-2019-0156  

Park, K., & Johnson, K. R. (2019). Job satisfaction, work engagement, and turnover intention of CTE health science teachers. International Journal for Research in Vocational Education and Training, 6(3), 224-242. doi: 10.13152/IJRVET.6.3.2

Johnson, K. R., Huang, T., & Doyle, A. (2019). Mapping talent development in tourism and hospitality: A literature review. European Journal of Training and Development, 13(9), 821-841. doi:10.1108/EJTD-03-2019-0047. 

Park, S., Johnson, K. R., & Chaudhuri, S. (2019). Promoting work engagement in the hotel sector: Review and Analysis. Management Research Review, 42(8), 971-990. doi:10.1108/MRR-03-2018-0126. 

Johnson, K. R., Park, S., & Bartlett, K. R.  (2018). Perceptions of customer service orientation, training, and employee engagement in Jamaica‚Äôs hotel sector. European Journal of Training and Development, 42(3/4), 191-209. doi.org/10.1108/ EJTD-11-2017-0094. 

Bartlett, K. R., Johnson, K. R., & Schneider, I. E. (2016). Comparing strategic human resource development approaches for tourism and hospitality workforce planning. Journal of Human Resources in Hospitality and Tourism, 15(4), 440-461. doi10.1080/15332845.2016.1148569

Johnson, K. R., & Bartlett, K. R. (2013). The role of national human resource development in the tourism industry: A Jamaican perspective. Human Resource Development International, 16(2), 205-219. doi:10.1080/13678868.2013.771867