Research at Learning Technologies

Research is an important aspect of the Learning Technologies Department. Research projects increase the knowledge within our field while allowing graduate students to be actively involved in projects that enhance their educational experience.

The LT Department has a strong history of enhancing its research and reputation through grant funding. Since 2000, more than 20 million dollars in research funding has been obtained through the centers in LT: the Texas Center for Educational Technology (TCET) – one of the oldest research centers at UNT, and the Institution for the Integration of Technology into Teaching and Learning (IITTL).  In addition to the three research centers, the Department of Learning Technologies has the Joint Research Laboratory (JoRel).


Research Centers

The Texas Center for Educational Technology was founded in 1989. Legislatively funded for three years, TCET came to UNT as a result of a competitive grant award, winning over proposals from Texas A&M, UT-Austin, Texas Tech, and others. Since its inception, TCET has been the most successfully funded center at UNT. The Texas Center for Educational Technology facilitates and conducts research; develops and evaluates collaborations between industry, education, and educational communities; and serves as a focal point within the State of Texas and beyond in order that instructional technology can be created and adapted for integration into the educational programs of our state and nation.

The Institute for the Integration of Technology into Teaching and Learning was founded in 1999 to promote the infusion of information technologies into daily teaching/learning practices. IITTL compliments TCET by working at the classroom technology integration level. It has generated numerous national and international papers and has also been highly successful in obtaining grants.

Research Laboratories

The Joint Research Laboratory (JoReL) was established in 2014 by a supplemental Memorandum of Agreement between University of North Texas (UNT) and East China Normal University (ECNU). The purpose of JoReL is to conduct collaborative research activities that include but are not limited to: (a) co-development of mobile learning applications, (b) cooperative data collection and analysis, (c) shared use of facilities, laboratories and equipment, (d) faculty and student exchanges, (e) collaborative teaching and research, (f) coordinated grant applications, (g) co-organized meetings and seminars, (h) co-authored publications and presentations.

 The ECNU Director of JoReL is Prof. Xiaoqing Gu, Dean of the Department of Educational Information Technology at East China Normal University. The UNT Co-Directors of JoReL are Prof. J. Michael Spector and Assoc. Prof. Lin Lin in the Department of Learning Technologies (LT) at UNT.