Master's New Student Information Guide

Welcome to the UNT Master’s Program in Learning Technologies!

Now that you are accepted, below is some useful information to help you get started and reference to throughout your program tenure as an LT MS student.

EUID and Email setup

  • Log into to find information about your Student ID, EUID, and setting up your Email. Contact the IT Help Desk if you need assistance.

Financial Aid

  • Information about funds available to graduate students, including deadlines for applications, fellowships, and scholarships, can be found here. 
  • International Students can access important information about funding here.

Office 365

  • Students at UNT have access to both the downloadable and online versions of Office 365. These are accessible through once you have your email set up in the system. Access to Office 365 ends once you complete your time at UNT.

Advising and Degree Plan

Courses and Registration

  • Follow your degree plan and take courses when they are offered. It is advised to take core courses first (LTEC 5030, 5300, 5220, 5210, and 5610) before moving onto more advanced courses.
  • Information about registration can be found here. If you have registration issues, contact the Office of the Registrar at 940-565-2111 or visit Eagle Student Services Center (ESSC) Room 147.
  • Any problems that cannot be resolved by the Registrar should contact for advising.

First Week of Courses

  • Your instructors will email you before the beginning of the semester or on the first day of classes with information about textbook/software requirements, the course syllabus, and expectations for the course term. The instructor's welcome message will be sent from their primary e-mail address, so contact them through there or their preferred mode of communication if you have any questions once you have explored the syllabus and course content in Canvas.


  • Instructure’s Canvas is the official learning management system (LMS). However it may not be the only course platform you encounter in the LT MS program. Part of our purview as a department is learning about, using, and studying a variety learning management systems. Expect to have courses that require and use a variety of different systems ranging from Moodle to Schoology. You can log into Canvas with your EUID and password.
  • Coursework will often be submitted through Canvas, though some instructors will ask you to send coursework by email or through other systems.
  • Canvas offers a Guide and Help feature built into the system and is located on the left-hand menu within Canvas. If you need additional help, first email UNT’s Center for Learning, Experimentation, Application, and Research (CLEAR) at or call 940-565-2708. If you are still stuck, contact your instructor. 

Advising during the semester

  • If you have questions about your degree plan, cancelled courses, issues the Registrar cannot address, or other major challenges that require advising, reach out to the LT MS Advising team by scheduling an appointment or emailing However, you should always contact your instructor and try to resolve course issues with them first. LT Advisors and Administrators cannot address course content or requirements.
  • Incompletes (I)- If you require an Incomplete due to medical or other serious issues, contact your instructor and fill out the appropriate form, which must then be signed by the appropriate parties.
  • Withdrawals (W)- Full Withdrawal from courses requires contacting the LT MS Program Director. Email Dr. Cockerham at to request an appointment. 


  • If you are about to Graduate you need to apply and meet specific deadlines. Information about Graduation deadlines, application, regalia and other matters can be found here.
  • Master’s and Doctoral graduates have separate graduation ceremonies than undergraduate programs. Information about UNT’s Commencement can be found here.
  • The College of Information also includes information specific to the college, which can be found here.