Deborah Cockerham


Clinical Assistant Professor


PhD, University of North Texas, 2019.

  • Major: Learning Technologies
  • Degree Specialization: Behavioral Science
  • Dissertation Title: The Impact of an Inquiry-Based Learning Environment upon Digital Awareness and Well-Being Among Middle Schoolers with Learning and Attentional Disabilities

MS, University of Texas at Arlington, 2013.

  • Major: Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction
  • Degree Specialization: Mind, Brain and Education
  • Dissertation Title: Visual recognition of fear and anger cues by children on autism spectrum and neurotypical peers: an EEG study

Research Interests

  • Technology-based strategies to support learning and cognition
  • The impact of VR and immersive tools upon learning
  • Socioemotional learning with technology
  • Higher education collaborations with community